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Max Dig:


 3,665 lb.

 7ft. 4in.


 5,919 lb.

 8ft. 5in.


 8,049 lb.

 10ft. 5in.


 9,480 lb.

  10ft. 11in.


 10,472 lb.

11ft. 7in.


 12,940 lb.

 13ft. 6in.


 18,188 lb.

 13ft. 10in.


 30,645 lb.

 16ft. 3in.


 32,290 lb.

 19ft. 10in.


 37,620 lb.

 20ft. 7in.


 49,470 lb.

 21ft. 8in.

Excavating equipment can help you save you time and money because its components are meant to endure significant hourly usage before needing replacement. A JCB excavator can perform your various business activities such as moving stones or trees, digging or removing stumps far more efficiently and inexpensively, making it easier to regain from your initial investment.The JCB excavator range is a product of our drive to constantly make our machines better, more productive and more efficient. The result is an extensive machine line up that gives you more earning power for your investment, along with the unsurpassed customer service that JCB is renowned for around the world.

The JCB excavator is great for quarrying, demolition and civil engineering, our heavy excavator range offers efficient cycle times, optimum uptime, and robust undercarriage and running gear. We offer multiple variations to ensure the machine that is best suited to you and your application.

The JCB excavator is great for house building, construction, rental, engineering, rail construction and site preparation, mid-range models are easy to use and compact, with excellent visibility, power boost and lift capabilities.

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